Enjoy all the features you know from online, digital maps - completely offline!

Now you don't have to choose between extra information provided by professional maps and benefits of GPS on digital maps. 

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Continuously know your exact location

PaperGPS enables you to check your current location on the map based on your iPhone's GPS receiver. With Paper GPS, you will never lose your way!

Plan and draw your routes

With Paper GPS, you can plan an excursion and draw the path you are going to take. Tap on the map and read the distance easily. You can tap on the map with two fingers at any given time to create a straight line between points and measure the distance from one another.

Track your progress in real time

PaperGPS will track your trail and draw the path for you, enabling you to understand the route and the distance better. The app will also work with the screen switched offand the phone in your pocket, letting you save battery power.

Easily navigate between maps

Have you reached the edge of the map? No worries! If you have already calibrated the next map in PaperGPS, the app will show you a button to switch directly to the right map.

Effortlessly measure distances on maps

Simultaneously tap on two points on the map with two fingers and read the distance from a ruler. You will also be able to read headings from one point to another.

Import, export and share maps

With PaperGPS, you can share your maps with colleagues or co-workers. The import/export feature enables you to easily share the map via email, messages, Dropbox or Evernote.

Add points of interest to maps

Add points of interest to the map: mark campsites, restaurants, exhibitors' positions, and any other important places. Name them, add some description or search for a given point, and sort the results by the distance to them.

Create and manage maps in folders

Organize all of your maps based on area or event in a convenient way: create and manage map folders and keep related things together.

What sets PaperGPS apart from the rest of the hiking apps?

PaperGPS is the only app which enables to convert topographical paper maps into digital, interactive, detail-specific shareable maps. In addition, it allows the users to track their route in real time.

Who is behind PaperGPS?

The app is powered by kreuzwerker - IT consulting firm with offices in Berlin and Warsaw. The app was developed by the team from Warsaw branch.

How do I use the PaperGPS app?

Please visit the How it works page. Should you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to drop us a line at or via contact form.

What are the main features of the PaperGPS app?

Please visit the PaperGPS - Features page to learn more. Would you like to add more awesome features, please drop us a line at or via contact form.

Where can I download the PaperGPS app?

The PaperGPS app can be downloaded from the App Store. Please visit the Download page to follow next steps.

What's the difference between the free app and the paid one?

In general the Premium option enables you to import/export maps, enjoy live tracking option as well as unlimited number of POIs, paths, maps, and folders. For more details, please visit the Pricing Schemes page.

In which languages is the paper GPS app available?

The app is currently available in German, English and Polish

Are you a map provider/publisher or managing some mapped areas?

Let's work together!

Your maps can be sold as PaperGPS in-app purchase - as a paid map or for free (for everyone or only for your customers who'll enter some code printed on map).

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